Twitch Is Headed For a Copyright Disaster Twitch may be forced to build its own ContentID–or pick a fight with the music industry. On Friday, Twitch sent out an email to its users letting them know that the company had received “about 1,000 individual claims from music publishers,” and “they will likely send further notices.” The message was clear: Stop using copyrighted music in your streams, and check your old videos before they get taken down. This isn’t the first time that Twitch has wrestled with the problem of music on its platform, and it doesn’t look like the issue will resolve any time soon. Eventually, Twitch may only have two options: Either build new tools to help bridge the gap between creators and rights holders, or turn on one of those groups. Twitch’s most recent email is notable for a number of reasons, and they’re worth going through point by point.


【被訴事實】 委任人阿寬因受託擔任A投資公司人頭董事長一職,嗣後因A公司投資失利,資金週轉出現問題,實際負責人隱瞞所有公司員工及客戶,直到A公司已無法應客戶要求返還相關投資金額時,客戶此時才發現A公司並未獲得金管會准許為相關投資行為,經相對人小吳等六人提出詐欺告訴,檢察官起訴詐欺及違反銀行法,相對人小吳等六人憤而提起刑事附帶民事訴訟起訴請求A公司實際負責人、阿寬及相關高階員工賠償所投資之金錢。........https://www.alicelaw.com.tw/cases_content.html?n=37




    【  事實經過  】 委任人阿雄與阿弟係兄弟,眾人均在家族公司任職,阿弟不服阿雄遭選任為最新董事,阿弟竟利用公司尚未變更登記的機會,向法院主張為公司負責人,起訴要求阿雄及相關員工交出公司印章及帳冊。.....https://www.alicelaw.com.tw/cases_content.html?n=105


審約時要注意的12項事 Whether you're signing a lease agreement or a multi-million dollar service agreement for new software, contracts are a fact of life in any business. A contract review requires diligence and an eye for detail. Managing expectations, focusing on outcomes and getting the key information from vendors can also help achieve better outcomes in contract management. 當你就新軟體訂立租約或數百萬的服務契約時,契約在任何一門生意裏,是一生活事實。契約審核要求就每一細節謹慎小心。掌理可預期事,關注結果和從賣方取得關鍵資訊,可助你於契約管理獲致較佳之結果。 It is not uncommon for otherwise very careful people to glance over a contract and just sign it without really knowing what it obligates them or the other party to do. Consult with an attorney before signing any contract to make sure your interests are protected. 簽約時只猛然一看而未明瞭你的義務或他方當事人應為如何作為,即立馬簽約者,畢竟是少數及罕見的;在簽約前諮詢你的律師,以確保你的權益妥適被保護。 What should you look for when reviewing a contract? Here are a few suggestions; your attorney may have additional advice: 當你審約時,你該注意什麼?在這有幾點供你的律師可以有額外之建議與提醒: Negotiate the terms. 協商條款When presented with a contract, remember that this is a starting point. You can negotiate the terms of nearly every agreement. Understand the purpose and scope of the contract and ask for what you want. You want to make the deal happen, but so does the other person. The worst that can happen is they say “no.” 當提出一契約時,記住此時是一個起始點。幾乎每一契約你可磋商契約條款。了解契約目的與範圍,同問問自己你的所求為何,最終你想要使交易發生,對方亦同。最糟的是,對方不想交易發生,對契約內容未形成共識。 Identify the parties.確認當事人 Be sure to include the names and addresses of any subsidiaries that will provide services. Complete all blanks.完整契約( 填滿空白處)Items left blank can be filled in later by someone else, so be sure to fill them in. It’s also good to initial all changes or deletions on any preprinted forms. Rights and responsibilities. 權利與責任It’s important to capture who’s responsible for what and who is liable if something doesn’t happen according to the contract. Never rely on an oral understanding. Know all of your rights and responsibilities under the contract. Carefully read the entire contract because rights and responsibilities are typically scattered throughout the agreement. Confidentiality provisions. 保密條款Determine if the other party will have access to any of your nonpublic personal or protected health information and, if so, consider including a provision requiring them to handle and secure the information in a commercially reasonable manner consistent with applicable federal and state laws. Remedies provisions.賠償條款 No one wants to talk about the bad stuff, such as what happens if something goes wrong, but you need to consider these things to put necessary mechanisms in place. Explore ways to limit your liability. Also determine what types of remedies you need in the event of default by the other party. Allocating risk.風險配置(風險分散) Determine how risk is to be allocated. Risk is typically borne by the party in the best position to prevent loss. Check for (or add) insurance requirements. Hold harmless and indemnification provisions.免責與保險賠付條款 When you agree to hold someone harmless you agree to not hold him or her responsible for liability that may arise out of the transaction. When you indemnify someone, you are agreeing to protect him or her from liability or loss that may arise out of the transaction. If you must indemnify the other party, limit the indemnification as much as possible. Negotiate the same indemnification for yourself. An attorney can also help you understand unintended consequences that might arise from using or agreeing to a particular clause. Causes for termination.契約終止 Consider including ways to terminate the contract for cause and/or for convenience (without cause) if it is not working to your benefit. Resolution of disputes.爭議之解決 Determine how you want to deal with resolution of disputes. An arbitration or mediation requirement could ultimately save you lots of time and money. However, there are times when you may need to go to court to resolve the dispute. When appropriate, try to give yourself some flexibility. Incorporated documents.契約附件 When another document is incorporated by reference, always read the incorporated document. Don’t assume you know what it contains. Signature lines. 簽名欄Confirm that signature lines refer to individuals who are authorized to sign the contract on behalf of the business; otherwise the contract may not be enforceable.